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Welcome to the Learning Services Academic Support in 2024, where our dedicated specialists collaborate to provide tailored assistance for students’ diverse learning needs. From Kindergarten to Upper School level, discover our comprehensive framework fostering academic and life skills development.

Comprehensive Learning Support

Students with a wide range of learning disabilities are served by the learning services department from kindergarten up to ninth grade. Each student receives the individualized attention necessary to lay a solid academic and life skill foundation via the joint efforts of primary, lower, and upper school specialists and classroom instructors. The department consists of a learning specialist, a reading specialist, and a speech-language pathologist. Each of these professionals has extensive knowledge of the many ways in which children learn best. We conduct school-based screenings as needed to evaluate development and identify areas for improvement. We develop learning profiles using data collected from these assessments and supplement them with external neuropsychological tests. Then, we share these profiles with classroom instructors. Specialists at each grade level work with students to address their unique academic needs, either one-on-one, in small groups, or as an integral part of the classroom community.

Role of Learning Services Specialists

The Learning specialists work closely with the teachers to gain an understanding of the learning profiles of children who have been identified as having difficulties with learning and to provide assistance in the implementation of any necessary essential modifications. All of the teachers who are currently instructing the student have access to the student’s profile online and the profiles are also made available to the parents of the student.
Furthermore, the CIPD assignment help London learning specialists determine the most effective methods for assisting a student by analyzing educational evaluations, observing instructional sessions, and speaking with teachers, parents, and counselors. The learning services department accomplishes this by using the aforementioned methods. This involves coordinating additional assistance as deemed necessary, collaborating with teachers in the classroom to address requested modifications, and providing training and support to other faculty and staff members in their efforts to meet our students’ requirements.

Primary School Support

At the primary school level, pupils have the opportunity to collaborate with a reading expert or a speech/language pathologist. Support is offered on an individual basis, in small groups, or within the classroom setting. Experts closely oversee the advancement of every youngster, offering necessary assistance when required. Following a formal evaluation, certain pupils engage in targeted reading programs like visualizing and verbalizing. Formerly conducted speech and language evaluations assess articulation skills and/or expressive and receptive language abilities. Speech and language assistance is accessible during regular school hours.

Lower School Support

At the lower school, children who need specialized reading assistance have the chance to collaborate with a skilled reading expert, either on an individual basis or in a small group setting. The reading expert has received training in Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, and reads naturally. Furthermore, there is a specialist who is accessible to assist within the classroom setting as well as with small groups. The learning specialist can offer extra individualized academic assistance for an additional cost to certain students diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Upper School Support

At the Upper School level, we offer a range of support options tailored to meet the individual requirements of our students. Proficient educational experts cater to the requirements of students who may need temporary individualized academic assistance to achieve their maximum capabilities, as a result of their diverse learning preferences, learning speed, or educational experiences. Specialists also provide instructors with particular tactics and resources during team sessions to enhance student performance. Such support may encompass enhancing organizational abilities, instructing on long-term assignments or project planning and completion, or reinforcing arithmetic and writing proficiency.

Individualized Academic Support

Students in grades 5-9 who have documented learning difficulties can receive personalized academic assistance from an expert for an extra charge. During the school day, educational experts arrange sessions and collaborate with the teaching staff to ensure their understanding of students’ learning profiles. Utilizing these profiles, experts tailor the learning experience to optimize each student’s strengths and foster their confidence and independence as learners. Profiles are accessible to both parents and teachers who are responsible for the student’s education.


In conclusion, our learning services department provides comprehensive support, tailored to each student’s unique needs from kindergarten through grade nine. With dedicated specialists and personalized assistance, we empower students to thrive academically and develop essential life skills.

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